Instruments of time pulled from the stratosphere, pulled from the seas, Nubeo represents a new language in watch design. Wearable testaments to the universes on and beyond the Earth.


Dimension Temporal Relativity

Re-engineered Time

A boldly built watch. Deconstructing and reconstructing the movement of time It is powered by nothing than the forces of gravity that pendulate the rotor in a symphony of movement that drive the power of the watch A glorious domed lens gives ample clarity in viewing a magical interplay of materials and manufacture.

Bathyic Black Tidal White Dragon Fish Black Jet Black Jet Blue

Self-winding Mechanical Watches

Dynamic Automatic

Kinetic self-winding automatic movements bring life to timepieces through the power of everyday movement


Diving Watches forged from the future

To the Deepest Depths

Watches built for and inspired by the deepest parts of the Ocean. Robust yet fluid in shape and form, Nubeo re-imagines the dive watch for the 21st century and beyond

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